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  • Tsunami 10Hp Regenerative Dryer

    Wall mounted units come complete with pre-filters, PLC, mounting rail and automatic drains.

  • Tsunami Ultra Drying System

    Fully assembled solutions complete with pre-filters, PLC, automatic drains and outlet regulator. Ultra systems come mounted on an 80 gallon tank for storing ultra dry air.

  • Tsunami Pure-10P Regenerative Dryer

    The newest line to Tsunami Compressed Air Solutions™, Pure-10 Regenerative Dryers provide similar benefits to the Ultra wall mounted dryers at a reduced cost.

  • Pure-10T Tank Mounted Dryer

    Whether supplying clean air to your entire facility or isolating a specific tool or application, the new Pure-10T tank mounted drying system provides world class Tsunami technology at an affordable price.

  • Tsunami Rove 10Hp Dryer

    The Tsunami Rove offers an easy-to-operate Regenerative Drying system optimized for mobile use in a variety of applications.

  • Tsunami Portable Demo Dryer

    Up to 20 minutes of clean, dry air between manual regeneration cycles.

  • Tsunami Membrane Dryer

    Easy installation, low maintenance membrane drying system.

  • Tsunami Regenerative Dryer Piston Rebuild Kit

    Replacement parts for your Tsunami Regenerative Air Dryer.