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  • Tsunami 50 CFM Filtration Package #6

    Tsunami filtration packages are available in up to three stage packages and can include, water separators, oil coalescing filters, and activated carbon filters.

  • Tsunami 50 CFM Water Separator

    The Tsunami water separator removes water, up to 1 quart per minute, and filters particulate down to 10 micron.

  • Tsunami 50 CFM Oil Coalescing Filter

    The Tsunami oil coalescing filter removes oil aerosols down to .001 ppm and traps particulates down to .01 micron.

  • Tsunami 50 CFM Activated Carbon Filter

    The Tsunami activated carbon filter removes oil vapor down to .003ppm, removing odor and taste from the air.

  • Tsunami Membrane Dryer - 50 cfm

    The number one cause of precision downtime and repair is water, oil, oil vapor and particulates from compressed air systems. Fouling of air lines and air bearings can cause breakdowns and expensive repairs. Tsunami filtration systems are designed to maximize performance and eliminate downtime on your CMM, air gauging, and other air driven precision equipment.

  • Tsunami Filter Mounting Bracket

    Replacement heater wraps, bottom caps, outer tubes, and accessories for your Tsunami air filtration system.

  • Tsunami Oil Coalescing Replacement Element Kit

    Replacement packs and service/maintenance kits for your Tsunami water separator, oil coalescing filter, activated carbon filter or float drain.

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    Maintenance kits and accessories to continue the maximum performance of your CMM.