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Simply plug your air connection into the ball valve inlet located on the Tsunami pre-filters and you're ready to go! The Rove provides your shop with ultimate versatility by having the cleanest, driest compressed air available whenever and wherever needed. The Rove system incorporates industry leading Tsunami drying technology packaged as a complete system. The systems includes a water  separator, oil coalescing filter and automatic float drains to assure proper draining of water, oil and other contaminates. The system is mounted on a 30 gallon receiver tank to provide mobility and storage of clean, dry air.

Waterborne Ready!

• Wide track tires provide easy mobility

• Compact design with "lift off" dryer allows for system to be

transported and stored anywhere

• Low Relative Humidity - Down to .01% RH

• Easy to read regulator gauges

• Low Dew Points - Down to -80°F

• Easy, Low Cost Maintenance - Under $100/yr average