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The Grease Minder bank system is designed to maximize convenience by creating a central location for all zerk points. No need to spend any more time crawling around your equipment. Install a Grease Minder system and save 30 minutes on daily labor. The Grease Minder comes complete and ready to install. Call for information on customizing a system to meet your specific needs.

Why it works:
The difficulty to locate and grease zerk points has created a major inconvenience in today’s agriculture industry. Many people do not have the time to manually grease all zerks which can cause machinery to become less efficient and eventually break down. The Grease Minder allows for fast and easy access to all zerk points.

How it works:
The Grease Minder system routes all lines to a convenient centralized location which assures that all critical points obtain the proper greasing in a timely fashion. All of our systems are engineered to be compatible with standard grease guns.

Features and Benefits:
- Convenient location of grease points assures that all critical locations receive proper lubrication
- Longer machine life – proper lubrication assures smoother operation and longer life of machine components
- Maximizes machine value at trade-in
- Saves 30 minutes of labor daily – operator never has to crawl around equipment again to reach all grease locations
- Can be operated with standard grease gun
- Made in the U.S.A.