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INSULTF is a braided fiberglass sleeving that has been heat treated and impregnated with an acrylic binder to reduce fraying and dusting, and improve useability and performance. INSULTF was engineered for applications where temperatures as high as 1200°F (649°C) may be encountered.

INSULTF may also be used as insulation and protection for small heaters and resistors that operate at high temperatures, and to insulate over soldered connections when exposure to solder melt temperatures is possible.

- Max Temp: 1200°F Continuous / 2048°F Melt
- UL Recognized: VW-1
- For High Temp, Low Voltage Applications
- Easy to Install; Cuts with Scissors
- Resists Most Organic Solvents
- Cut and Abrasion Resistant
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